Investment Banking Analyst Job Description

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Investment banking analyst Job Profile and Description

Investment banking analyst is basically the one who helps the companies to make investment decisions. The individual usually specialized in one particular sector such as energy, retail or financial services. He or she has to analyze results and reports on potential investment sector then has to generate information that helps companies generate profits.

Duties and responsibilities 

        An investment banking analyst has to fulfill a number of duties and responsibilities and here are those following duties:

  • An investment banking analyst has the duty to prepare complex financial reports and models after analyzing.
  • He or she has the duty to advise the client companies on the financial matter  after  conducting due diligence investigations of companies
  • He or she has to oversee the detailed memoranda and presentations describing the key features of client companies
  • He or she has the duty to identify the potential buyers/investors and has to research about share prices according to the company’s ability to pay back.
  • He or she has to participate in various marketing and recruiting activities of the firm and has to follow the marketing trends.
  • He or she basically has to  develop new business and has to do the common work such as  preparing client presentations and market new products
  • He or she has to fulfill other duties of researching and structuring transactions, price and closing the deals.

Skills and specifications 

        The candidate should have required skills and specifications to do the vital job of an investment banking analyst and they are as follows:

  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS: The candidate needs to have required skills of communication, both verbal and written
  • ANALYTICAL SKILLS: As this is the job of an investment banking analyst so the candidate must have analytical skills.
  • HARD WORKING:  The candidate should be very hard working with the strong ethics and must be able to work under deadline pressure.
  • PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS: He or she should have excellent problem solving skills and should have a drive for perfection
  • TEAM WORKING SKILLS: He or she needs to be a team player so must be self-motivated
  • TECHNICAL SKILLS: He or she should have strong technical skills to do the data management and should possess research skills as well.
  • QUICK LEARNER: He or she must pay attention to details and must be a quick learner

Education and Qualifications

  • BASIC DEGREE: The basic degree required for the job is bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, business, economics or related fields
  • The other requirement for the job is that the candidate should know about basic computer programs and software like MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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