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v      INTRODUCTION: A business is an entity run by a businessmen and where work is done in order to earn profit. The person who is running the business should have the required enough knowledge of the business and procedures. It is very necessary for the development of the business that the owner has to take the help of the employees who too are skilled and the workers with enough knowledge of the field of work.

Thus these are some of the basic features that form the core of business job descriptions.

The Business entity is a very broad and wide term. Therefore it has many different types and classes of duties involved within it. Here are the following different types of business jobs which are a few:

  • Business marketing job
  • Business development job
  • Business analyst job


v      For the growth and development of the business. It is very necessary for the employees as well as for the owner to be skilled enough to do the job.. The following few points shall explain the expectations from a person involved in a business:

  1. The person desiring to set the business should have a degree in a field like Economics, Administration or Finance. Having the degrees by the candidate can easily lead him or her to set up a business. But this is not the necessary criteria.
  2. The person having the degree of MBA can be the most apt choice to be employed to run a business organization.
  3. The person should have sharp managerial skills and ability to supervise the staff.
  4. The person should have very strong personality and sharp minded.

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