Telemarketing Representative Job Description

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Telemarketing representative Job Description and Job Profile

A telemarketing representative is the one who has to work for increasing the client base and persuading them for buying the products or services of the company. The responsibility includes sales, team-coordination, systems updating and reporting, handling customer queries over the phone depending upon the company. They are also responsible for handling customer complaints and offering suitable solutions.

Telemarketing representative Duties & Responsibilities

There are a number of duties and responsibilities which are expected to be fulfilled by a telemarketing executive and they are as follows:

  • The prime duty is to handle the calls from customers inside and outside the organization.
  • He or she needs to fulfill the basic duties such as handling incoming complaints, requests and suggestions from customers through by e-mail or fax and processing their requests and complaints.
  • It will be needed to participate in the marketing and in selling and promoting products and updating the system with customer orders.
  • He or she ahs the duty top transfer the calls with complex inquiries to appropriate staff.
  • He or she has the duty to update the seniors about documenting, and informing the team leader with current trends of the customer calls.
  • It will be the responsibility to prepare call reports and maintain them timely.
  • He or she has to identify the requirements of the changes and then recommend process and service improvements.
  • He or she needs to train and inform the customers for trouble shooting customer queries and complaints.
  • He or she needs to perform the basic duties such as performing customer verifications, processing orders, applications, forms, and requests.

Telemarketing representative Skills and specifications

The skills and specifications required in a person desiring to do the job of a telemarketing representative are as follows:

  • The person needs to be an excellent communicator and should have communication skills both verbal and written.
  • He or she should have basic computer proficiency necessarily.
  • He or she needs to be very flexible towards work especially in timings as one may need to work at odd hours, proactive and perseverance.
  • He or she should be able to work in stressful conditions and schedules.
  • The person should be able to perform multi-tasks and so should have the abilities.
  • He or she should be very well versed with the product/service the company is providing.
  • The person needs to have excellent team working skills and should be able to work in a team.

Telemarketing representative Education and Qualifications

  • The basic degree required is a High school diploma from a reputed institution.
  •  The person should have a Bachelor’s degree as well to o the job.

Telemarketing representative Salary

The Salary or remuneration of an average call centre representative depends largely on the location, the company you are working for and the years of experience.

  • The salary in the sector is generally comes in the range of $40,000 to $60,000.

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