Advertising Worker Job Profile and Description

September 12, 20130 Comments

In the field of media and technology, advertisement has become an inseparable part. This industry has been enhancing a lot these days. An Advertising Worker is an integral part of this advertising world where they are involved in the creation and development of advertisements in order to meet the demand of the clients. They are […]

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Job Descriptions

August 2, 20130 Comments

January 10, 2013 | By job description More Job Descriptions, as the name suggests are the descriptions of a particular job or job profile. These are written documents which hold importance for those who are looking for a brief or detailed write up that explains the nature of the job; duties related to it, growth […]

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Airline Sous Chef Job Description

September 12, 20120 Comments

Airline Sous Chef Job Profile and Description French word for “Vice” or deputy, the Airline Sous Chef helps the airline Chef in the tactical operations of an airline caterer. The position basically takes over the Chef in his absence, doing just about everything the Chef does, except when the decisions involves strategic nature. Also trained […]

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Transportation Coordinator Job Description

September 6, 20120 Comments

Transportation coordinator Job Profile and Description A transportation coordinator is an individual who is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the means of transport like buses, vans and the drivers of a company or organization. He sees to it that the staff members are safe and makes sure that don’t face any […]

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Transport Trailer Mechanic Job Description

September 4, 20120 Comments

Transport Trailer Mechanic Job Profile and Description Transport trailers are an important means of transportation for haulage of goods, supplies and essential commodities. A Transport Trailer Mechanic is responsible for the proper functioning of these trailers and the maintenance of the same. Therefore, such mechanics play a very significant part in ensuring the timely deliver […]

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Biomedical Researcher Job Description

May 29, 20120 Comments

Biomedical researcher job profile and description Biomedical researchers study the behavior of the human body with regard to diseases and work on developing new methods of curing them. They conduct experiments to isolate new disease causing germs and develop drugs to control the germs. Biomedical researcher duties and responsibilities The duties and responsibilities of a […]

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Fleet Manager Job Description

April 13, 20120 Comments

Fleet Manager Job Description and Profile The job of the fleet manager entails the management of overall operation of organization garages and as well as light and heavy fleet of vehicles. He likewise performs related tasks and duties when the situation warrants it. Basically he is responsible for purchasing and disposal of items, control of […]

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Lawn Maintenance Job Description

April 12, 20120 Comments

Lawn Maintenance Job Profile and Description A lawn in front of the house enhances the beauty of the house to a higher level. Every person desires to have a lawn in front of his or her house and the person, who have that much coveted lawn in front of their house or any other property […]

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Insurance Group Representative Job Description

March 19, 20120 Comments

Insurance Group Representative Job Profile and Description The Insurance Group Representative will be responsible for implementing the marketing strategy that has been agreed by the senior executives within the company. You will be dealing with all matters that relate to the buying and selling of insurance policies. It might be necessary for you to coordinate […]

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Oil Refinery Engineer Job Description

November 24, 20110 Comments

Oil refinery engineer job description and profile The oil refinery engineer has the main responsibility to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the refinery petroleum products without any hurdles. There are a number of specialists required to handle and maintain each and every unit of the refinery system such as electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, […]

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