Construction Design Coordinator Job Description

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Construction Design Coordinator Job Description

The job responsibility of the construction design coordinator is to oversee the development of a construction project and work in coordination with the design team to make sure that the task is completed on time. The coordinator has to determine whether there is any scope or not to remodel the construction site and renovate some of them. The construction design coordinator has to prepare documents, designs and detailed plans if he intends to modify them. The coordinator has to estimate the cost of the project and cite its specification. According to the cost estimation, he has to find and recommend the method that is most cost effective for the project. They have to cater to the needs of the designing team and inform the construction manager about the same. the construction design coordinator also has to produce the final construction designs and drawings to the construction manager.

Construction Design Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

The various responsibilities and duties required to be carried out by a construction design coordinator are as follows:

  •  He has to oversee the implementations of the programs of the organization for the development of a construction site
  • He has to work  in coordination with the design team all the time
  • He has to preparing designs and documents for various construction projects
  • He has to modify the design plans of a construction site as per the needs
  • He has to estimate the cost of the specifications of a project
  • He has to develop design concepts for the preliminary stage and determine the cost to implement those designs
  • It is his duty to find out the alternatives that would be cost effective
  • He is the one who has to produce final designs and drawings of the project
  • He has to assist in forming a productive design team
  • He is responsible for selecting design consultants for bigger projects
  • He has to convey the requirements of a project and the criteria of the design to the entire design team

Construction Design Coordinator Skills and Specifications

In order to be successful in the job position of a construction design coordinator, an individual needs to possess various skills and specifications. They are follows:

  • Must have the ability to act tactfully
  • Should possess good strategic skills
  • Needs to have good designing skills
  • Must have problem solving skills

Construction Design Coordinator Education and Qualification

In order to become a construction design coordinator an individual needs to have:

  • Bachelors degree in any subject related to the field of construction
  • Diploma/certificate in the related field.

Construction Design Coordinator Salary

On an average, a construction design coordinator gets a salary of $57000 per annum.

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