Construction Equipment Manager Job Description

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Construction Equipment Manager Job Profile and Description

The construction equipment manager is a person responsible for the management of the equipments that are used in a construction site or construction projects. The manager has to make purchases of the equipments keeping in mind the construction budget. It is his responsibility to determine the total final cost that would be incurred to buy equipments for the process of construction. They have to buy the equipments from the best seller from where they are getting the equipments at the lowest prices and at the same time, the tools are of good quality. They have to take care of the equipment needs of the customers. It is the duty of the construction manager to convey the needs of the equipments to the higher management. Construction equipment managers have to ensure that equipment maintenance is kept at optimum level.

Construction Equipment Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The various duties and responsibilities required to be carried out by a construction equipment manager are as follows:

  • He has to review the equipment needs of the customer
  • He has to ensure that the equipment maintenance is kept at optimum level
  • It is his duty to provide specifications to the customers regarding rental of equipments
  • The manager has to convey to the higher management regarding the need of equipments for the construction projects
  • He has to make sure that he equipments are purchased from a vendor who gives best price.
  • He has to ensure that the purchase of equipments does not exceed or affect the budget of a construction project
  • The manager has to prepare the list of equipments required in a construction site and has to ensure that they are procured
  • He is the one who recruits and trains the mobile mechanics.

Construction Equipment Manager Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required to work as a construction equipment manager are as follows:

  • Must have good management skills
  • Needs to have capacity to think critically
  • Possessing communication skills is a must
  • Needs to have good negotiation skills
  • Must have basic computer skills

Construction Equipment Manager Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications and knowledge required for a construction equipment manager are as follows:

  • Bachelors degree in related field
  • An MBA degree is preferential
  • Experience in the field of equipment maintenance management
  • Formal training about equipments
  • Experience in mechanical repair

Construction Equipment Manager Salary

The average annual salary of a construction equipment manager ranges from $72000 to $87000. Experienced individuals can get up to $90000 per annum depending upon the job profile and the type of company in which they are working.

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