Construction Project Administrator Job Description

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Construction Project Administrator Job Profile and Description

The responsibility of the construction project administrator is to administer all the activities that are involved in the construction project. The supervision of the staff who carry out the construction project is done by the project administrator. Their job is to interpret the pans, estimate the cost and find out the quantities of the construction materials that are required at the site. The construction project administrator plans the methods and procedures that would be involved in the construction project. Their presence is required at the construction site to direct the subcontractors in their work and to ensure that the building performance standards are maintained. The construction project administrator studies all the contract documents used in construction and after doing so he negotiates with the subcontractors. The construction project administrator makes sure that the laws and regulations that exist in the industry are followed here as well.

Construction Project Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

The various responsibilities and duties required to be carried out by a construction project administrator are as follows:

  • Scheduling the construction projects and the budget in steps in order to meet deadlines
  • Determining the requirements of the labor and the dispatch workers in the construction sites
  • Monitoring the processes involved and review the materials used in a construction project
  • Analyzing the various solutions available and the choosing the best possible solution in order to solve a problem
  • Preparing contracts and negotiating with the subcontractors and dispatch workers to make revisions in the contract
  • Ensuring that all the construction regulations and standards are followed
  • Determining the appropriate methods of constructions and ensuring that the methods are implemented
  • Developing and implementing quality control programs

Construction Project Administrator Skills and Specifications

In order to be successful in the job position of a construction project administrator, an individual needs to possess various skills and specifications. They are follows:

  • Must have excellent leadership qualities and management ability
  • Needs to have good communication skills
  • Should have the ability to solve problems
  • Must have good coordination skills
  • Needs to possess excellent negotiation skills
  • Should be fluent with the ideas he wants to implement

Construction Project Administrator Education and Qualification

In order to become a construction project administrator an individual needs to have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a construction related field
  • Masters degree in a construction related field is more advantageous

Construction Project Administrator Salary

The average annual salary of a construction project administrator is $40000.

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