Construction Project Coordinator Job Description

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Construction Project Coordinator Job Profile and Description

A construction project coordinator is an individual responsible for the coordination of various aspects of a new as well as renovation construction projects. He may also have to ensure the safety of the personnel involved in a construction project. To ensure the quality of the construction work performed is the responsibility of a construction project coordinator. He has to coordinate with the engineers as well as developers for designing the plant, drawing and sketching installation and completing material orders. Sometimes a construction project coordinator has to inspect the construction site for quality control. It is necessary for him to have knowledge about various kinds of construction projects like highway, structural construction, utility etc.

Construction Project Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

The various duties and responsibilities required to be carried out by a construction project coordinator are as follows:

  • Prepare work schedule of employees
  • Coordinate with engineers involved in a construction project in order to design a project
  • Carry out coordination activities to install and locate equipments used in construction like amplifiers, cables etc.
  • Inspect the a construction site in order to ensure quality control
  • Communicate with the construction project manager regarding concerns that affect the progress of a construction project
  • Create and maintaining construction project files
  • Coordinate with general as well as sub contractors regarding details
  • Coordinate with construction project personnel in order to ensure that project deadlines are met
  • Process pay applications and joint check payments
  • Respond to the inquiries of the team members of the construction project

Construction Project Coordinator Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required to work in the position of a construction project coordinator are as follows:

  • Needs to have extensive knowledge in various kinds of construction projects
  • Must have excellent reading as well as writing skills
  • Needs to possess excellent communication skills
  • Should have good analytical skills
  • Knowledge in software like MS Word and Excel is necessary
  • Must have the ability to travel

Construction Project Coordinator Education and Qualification

The educational qualification required for a construction project coordinator is:

  • High school diploma is a must
  • Bachelors degree in drafting or engineering

Construction Project Salary

The average annual salary of a construction project coordinator is around $50000.

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