Site Superintendent Job Description

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Site superintendent job profile and description

A site superintendent is basically the one who has the responsibility to coordinate and match all the activities on a construction site. As a construction of infrastructure requires constant supervision to ensure that the construction is happening as per plan. Basically he or she has the duty to coordinate and manage all the activities on a construction site.

Site superintendent duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities which a site superintendent has to fulfill are as follows:

  • The site superintendent has the responsibility to ensure that all the construction activities are adhering to designs perfectly.
  • He or she needs to ensure that all the construction activity is proceeding as per schedule and the planning and the budget.
  • He or she has to ensure that all the safety measures on the construction site are followed.
  • It will be the duty to oversee that the workers are safe and healthy to do the job.
  • He or she has to review the performance of site workers properly.
  • He or she has to prepare the documents as well of all the expenses incurred and other things.
  • He or she will be responsible for all construction activities on the site to be perfect.
  • He or she needs to be present on the site most of the times.
  • It will be the responsibility to organize the construction crew to allocate work according to schedule.
  • He or she has to perform quality checks regularly to control over the staff.

Site superintendent skills and specifications

The skills and specifications required in a person desiring to do the job of a site supervisor are as follows:

  • The person needs to be very well organized and systematic towards the work.
  • He or she needs to have a thorough and deep knowledge about construction activities and all the functions.
  • He or she needs to be an excellent communicator and should have the skills both verbal and written.
  • The person should have required interpersonal skills with the ability to maintain good relationships with the crew.
  • He or she should have the qualities of being a good leader.
  • The person needs to have excellent trouble shooting skills and must be good at troubleshooting.
  • He or she should be capable of understanding the construction designs and plans.

Site superintendent education and qualification

  • The basic degree required for the job is a high school diploma followed by a certification course in construction technology may be required.
  • The person needs to have past working experience of having worked in the construction field.

Site superintendents salary

The salary of a site superintendent generally comes in the range of $13,000 and $48,000 per annum.

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