Subcontractor Job Profile and Description

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A subcontractor is contracted by a contractor. The subcontractors are employed when a contractor lands a big project and needs to outsource some parts of the project. A subcontractor can be hired for doing the plumbing and electrical fittings for the building. A subcontractor takes up the project and works on it independently.

Subcontractor duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities which a subcontractor has to fulfill are as follows:

  • The person should be able to understand the requirements of the job.
  • He or she has the responsibility to draw up an estimate regarding the required workforce and resources.
  • He or she needs to gather the work force to complete the job perfectly and submit them to the contractors.
  • He or she has to see that the workers are delivering good work.
  • He or she has to see that the project is completed within the deadlines specified by the contractor.
  • He or she has to deal with the issues of the employees.
  • He or she has the responsibility to prepare and maintain the records in both technical detailing and financial terms.
  • He or she has to supervise the job to conduct regular quality checks.

Subcontractor skills and specifications

The skills and specifications required in a subcontractor are as follows:

  • The person needs to have required knowledge regarding the specific field of work.
  • He or she should be able to understand blueprints and follow instructions as per the schedule.
  • He or she needs to be aware of accounting and finance principles.
  • He or she needs to be very efficient in work ethics.
  • He or she should have the ability to work well under pressure to deliver good work within the deadlines.
  • The skills required are the good communication, negotiation, leadership and managerial skills.

Subcontractor education and qualification

  • The basic qualification required is high school graduate with a vocational training in his field of work.
  • The person needs to go through required training from the job.

Subcontractors salary

The salary of a subcontractor is not actually fixed. The remuneration is decided between the contractor and subcontractor. 

  • The Average salary for subcontractor is $61,000.

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