Art Director Job Description

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Art Director Job Profile and Description

The art director has to take the responsibility of caring the design and contour commercials, printed materials. The final result of the product very much depends upon the decision of the art director. He or she also has to take care of the electronic and digital media advertising. All the supporting staffs like photographers, choreographers, models and every other person required in a commercial are chosen by the art director.

Art Director Job Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities which have to be fulfilled by an art director are as follows:

  • The art director has the prime and main responsibility for the output of the product.
  • The art director needs to take the responsibility of recruiting every other person of the team.
  • The art director has to create a concept for a commercial along with the copy writer.
  • The art director is also responsible for taking the responsibility of completing the commercial within a pre-defined deadline.

Art Director Job Skills and Specifications

The skills and specification required for the job are as follows:

  • The person needs to be simply a genius to do the job of an art director.
  • He or she needs to have the multiple skills to do the job perfectly.
  • The art director has to be a great artist himself.
  • He or she should have ability in calculating the budget of a project.

Art Director Job Qualification and Education

The job of an art director basically requires the skills more than the certificates.

  • The art director needs to have a a degree in art administration. This degree generally teaches about non-artistic skills, which is required for an art director.
  • The person needs to have a degree in art which is very necessary to do the job.
  • If the person has done any course in graphic design and multimedia, than that will give a boost to resume for an art director post.

Art Director Job Salary

  • The salary range for an art director is generally in between $ 3500 to $ 5500 per month

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