Dance Teacher Job Description

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Dance Teacher Job Profile and Description

The Dance Teacher is the one who trains ad educate the students in all kinds of the dancing forms. They may work individually and may be in groups. They generally teach students in practical, theory and performance of dancing in various training establishments. Dance teacher can teach the students of all ages depending upon their specific posting in the job. The dance instruct on more than one subject in a secondary school. The dance teacher may also teach additional subjects which can include drama, performing arts or physical education along with the dance.

Dance Teacher Job Duties and Responsibilities

A dance teacher needs to fulfill a wide range of duties and responsibilities and they are as follows:

·         A dance teacher has the responsibility to select and plan class content for the dance.

·         He or she has to plan the steps and exercises for the dance class.

  • It will be the responsibility to select the music and dance steps according to the dance form and the situation as well.
  • It will be the duty to adjust the dance moves according to the physical strength of the students and the participants.
  • It will be needed to set the example for other students to follow him or her.
  • It will be necessary to teach the dance and the steps as a recreational factor for the students.

Dance Teacher Job Skills and Specifications

The required skills and specifications are as follows:

  • The person needs to have the practical ability to dance and perform.
  • He or she should be able to perform among groups that may be small or large in number.
  • The teacher needs to have the basic understanding of physical health.
  • He or she needs to have the ability to ensure that the students doesn’t get overstretched or overtired.
  • It will be needed to have a lot of patience to deal with the students and the participants properly.
  • The person needs to be an excellent communicator both verbally and written.
  • He or she should have the strong observational skills to analyze the things clearly and properly.
  • The person should be able to encourage the students to learn and succeed in the field.
  • The dance teacher needs to be able to demonstrate basic to intermediate steps easily to the students.
  • He or she should be able to maintain productive and harmonious relations.
  • It will be needed to behave positively to the students and should have the positive attitude.

Dance Teacher Job Education and Qualifications

  • The educational qualification in the field is generally a College degree is preferred but it is also not very compulsory.
  • The person needs to have the minimum of 3 years of dancing experience of working with a public or private dance instructor.

Dance Teacher Job Salary

The Dance Teachers generally got the average salaries. The deciding factor in the field is the past experience in the field.

  • The Dance Teacher generally gets a salary in the range of 1700$ to 5300$ per month.

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