High School Teacher Job Description

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High school teacher Job Profile and Description

A high school teacher is basically the one who undertake complex jobs that relate to the welfare of children when they are at the very beginning of their teenage years. The teacher will be needed to deal with the pressure. It will be the duty to ensure that the priorities of the school are kept at the very top. It is very vital job so the person must have the right attitude to students because they do not take too kindly to patronizing teachers.  The person should have the right course of action to be a successful teacher and also get great results from students.

High school teacher Duties and Responsibilities

There are the following duties and responsibilities that are expected to be fulfilled by a high school teacher:

  • The prime responsibility is to lead the lesson by teaching the basic elements to them properly.
  • He or she needs to take actively part in the disciplinary matters which relate to the issues raised by the students.
  • It will be also needed to work as a colleague by attending staff meetings from different periods of time.
  • He or she has to maintain the coordination with the people in the meetings with parents depending on the circumstances.

High school teacher Skills and specifications

The skills and specifications required in a person for a high school teacher are as follows:

  • The person needs to be very conversant with the basic school curriculum and the related domain.
  • He or she should counseling skills to be a high school teacher.
  • He or she should necessarily have the communication skills both verbally and written to effectively communicate with the students.
  • The other skill required fro the job is the organization skills to do the effective management.

High school teacher education and Qualification

  • The basic degree required for the job is a bachelor’s degree in education to be a high school teacher.
  • The person should also have some alternative qualifications depending on the field as well.
  • The salary range for a high school teacher starts from $80,000 to about $120,000.

High school teacher salary

The salary basically depends upon the school.

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