School Receptionist Job Description

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School Receptionist Job profile and description

A school receptionist is appointed in school as the name sounds. Generally a female is appointed for the job. He or she needs to take care of front office responsibilities. She has the main duty to greet the visitors nicely. She needs to guide them as per their requirements. The person needs to fulfill the other duties attached to it such as maintaining the front office, taking care of cleanliness and handle initial level correspondence through sources of communication properly.

Duties and Responsibilities

There are a number of duties and responsibilities which are expected to be fulfilled by a school receptionist and they are as follows:

  • The school receptionist has the duty to welcome parents, new students and other visitors nicely.
  • She has the responsibility to help the parents regarding their respective official requirements.
  • She has the duty to keep reception and front office clear to give a strong impression on parent’s mind.
  • She has the responsibility to maintain peace in her working area.
  • A school receptionist needs to fulfill the basic jobs such as attending calls and to keep records of black & white correspondence.
  • She has to keep a complete record of the letters, couriers and other posts.
  • She is responsible for booking meeting rooms and auditoriums for high level functions and seminars held at school.
  • It will be the main duty to communicate with pupils and parents regarding other official work.
  • She needs to interact with the people through e-mails, internal mails and telephonic calls.
  • She needs to maintain proper records and register visitor entries.
  • It will be also needed to keep a perfect record of incoming or outgoing bulk mailer system.
  • She has to take care of various administrative and related management works in a school.
  • The person needs to have a pleasing personality to do the job of a school receptionist.
  • She should necessarily have the effective communication skills in terms of reading, writing and speaking.
  • A school receptionist should be able to maintain personal standard of dress.
  • She needs to have a professional behavior and confidence which is required to do the job of a school receptionist.
  • She should have the ability to connect and run peripheral devices which include printer and scanner etc.
  • She should necessarily have the good interpersonal skills to maintain the effective working relationships.
  • She should have required management skills to do the management effectively.
  • She should be well verse and aware with all the norms and rules of a school for which she is working.
  • She should be ready to work for long hours when needed and with the given strict deadlines.
  • She should have good decision making power and decision making abilities to do the job.
  • The person desiring to be a school receptionist must be a graduate from any stream.
  • It will be an added advantage for the person having a course or diploma in management and related field.

Skills and Specifications

The required skills and specification which are required in a person to do the job of a school receptionist and they are as follows:

Education and Qualification

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