Forensic Engineer Job Description

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Forensic engineer job description and profile

The forensic engineer is the one who has the responsibility to analyze the cause of accidents. He or she has to present suitable reports in the court of law. Generally, Forensic engineers are employed by insurance companies to evaluate claims. The duties which are attached to it are examining the factors that cause accidents like building collapse and fires.

Forensic engineering duties and responsibilities

There are the following duties and responsibilities of a forensic engineer:

  • The forensic engineer has the prime responsibility t examine the site of accident properly.
  • He or she has to collect evidence samples for testing in the lab.
  • It is needed to apply the principles of engineering and forensics to evaluate the cause of crime.
  • It is also necessary to make sure that whether the accident was intentionally caused.
  • The duty includes presenting the reports to the senior officials and the court of law as well.
  • The forensic engineer has the responsibility to ensure about the authenticity of the claim.
  • He or she has to stuffy the claim¬†details and thoroughly matching them against the forensic reports.
  • He or she needs to analyze the results of the tests properly and suggest future course of action as well.
  • It is very necessary to be updated and upgraded with the latest state of the art developments in the field of forensics in order to improve accuracy of work.
  • The engineer has to manage and maintain the financial records and suggest purchase of forensic equipment.
  • The other basic jobs which are needed to be fulfilled are the maintenance and repairing of forensic equipments.

Forensic engineering skills and specifications

The skills and specifications required for a forensic engineer are as follows:

  • The person needs to have a thorough and deep knowledge about the principles involved in forensic testing.
  • The person needs to have excellent analytical skills to analyze the things carefully.
  • He or she should have the ability to take the right decisions at the right time.
  • He or she should have the precision to work for the wrong reports can lead to rejection of authentic claims.
  • The person needs to have the excellent communication skills to present evidence if needed.
  • It is also needed top have the very good understanding of legal proceedings and procedures.

Forensic engineering education and qualifications

The education and qualifications required for the job of a forensic engineer are:

  • The basic degree required to do the job is a n bachelor of engineering, civil engineering.
  • He or she should have the required certificates and the courses n forensic engineering to do the job.

Forensic engineering job salary

The salary of a forensic engineer basically depends upon the place of work.

  • The mean salary if $104,000 per annum.

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