NPI Engineer Job Profile and Description

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An NPI or New Product Introduction Engineer has a key role to play in inspecting and checking the entire product before it is finally launched in the market. A product may suffer from technical disabilities or planning shortages which are immediately trapped in the product verification process. Only after the product is fully verified and proved fault-free, the order for mass production is issued. This is a critical job as the NPI engineer has to be very attentive and conscientious while carrying out the testing. It is his verdict that leads to the confirmed introduction of the product into the market on a wide scale.

NPI Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

The core duties that make up the job of an NPI engineer are as follows:

  • Identifying the company standards and customer specifications and verifying for their presence in the product
  • Building and executing Production Test Tools, Computerized Labeling Systems and Software Loading Stations
  • Verifying the design or blueprint of the product before manufacturing starts
  • Verifying the product itself after the manufacturing has been completed
  • Quoting overhead and expenses in document format
  • Liaising with other delegates and ensuring that team members and engineers complete work within deadline
  • Tutoring junior employees on the pros and cons of the product launch
  • Providing feedback about the product and suitable recommendations to the Research and Development engineer for development of the product

NPI Engineer Skills and Specifications

The following skills are highly necessary for working as an NPI engineer:

  • Leadership skill since the job entails mentoring and leading other engineers working for the project
  • Excellent communication skill with in-house (staff) as well as outside (customer) members
  • High motivational skill suffices for the urge to take initiative in case of a problem
  • Learning skill to speedily absorb new methods and techniques of preparation
  • Computer literacy skill in Microsoft packages and computer use
  • Coordination skill to reconcile the efforts of all technical departments
  • Great organizational skill working as a prerogative

NPI Engineer Education and Qualifications

A picture of the educational requirements has been drawn here:

  • B.S in computer science or electrical engineering
  • Training experience in testing and designing of products
  • Additional degree in computer, emphasizing on MS Office

NPI Engineer Salary

Mean monthly salary of NPI engineers is $4300 with the minimum and maximum at $3700 and $5000 respectively.

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