VP- Engineering Job Description

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VP- Engineering Job Profile and Description

The VP-engineer is the one who has the responsibility to work with a team of engineering and technical staff. The head of the engineering is typically a vice president and it basically depends upon the size and reach of the business of the company. He or she is the one who has to be involved in various aspects of operations. They generally work in large companies. The duties which are expected to perform are the construction works, manufacturing or transport concerns. The duty also includes providing the executive leadership for a team of engineers.

VP- Engineering Duties and Responsibilities

There are the following duties and responsibilities of a VP engineer which are expected to be fulfilled by him or her:

  • The prime responsibility is to conduct the regular staff meetings with the various engineering teams.
  • He or she has to design for the technical sales properly.
  • The duty includes providing sales support for the project management and production properly.
  • He or she has to be very sure about the problems that they are immediately addressed.
  • It is also needed to implement the approved corporate policies and procedures perfectly.
  • He or she is responsible for ensuring that the managers and staff are performing their duties and responsibilities.
  • It is very necessary to work for the harness HR resources in hiring and firing engineering managers and staff.
  • He or she has to work for the development of the budget as well.
  • He or she needs to plan and develop the department’s operating and capital budgets.
  • He or she also has to mange the expenses to conform with budget as well.
  • It is very necessary to implement the required compliance with the best of breed approved engineering practices and methods.

VP- Engineering Skills and Specifications

The required skills and specifications are as follows:

  • The person needs to have the excellent grasp of local and federal laws.
  • He or she should have a thorough and deep knowledge of the entire regulations governing its engineering governance in public projects.
  • The other skills required to do the job are the excellent organizational, supervisory and leaderships skills.
  • He or she needs to possess the excellent verbal and written communications skills to be a communicator.
  • The person should have the exceptional interpersonal skills to establish and maintain the effective relationships with the clients and the related people.

VP- Engineering Education and Qualifications

  • The basic degree required for the job a master’s degree in the relevant engineering field or nay other related domain.
  • It will be an added advantage for the person having a multiple master’s degree or a doctorate.
  • The other requirement for the job is having at least 10-15 years of past working experience in the management of engineering services.

VP- Engineering Head Salary

The salary of a VP-Engineering generally depends upon the industry, size and reaches of the company and sometimes upon the qualification as well.

  • The VP salary in an annual median is generally about $83,300 with the middle 50% earning between $77,000 and $90,600.

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