Finance Job Descriptions

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v      INTRODUCTION: There has been a tremendous increase in the number of Finance related job opportunities and job positions. The job profiles are required at each and every organization, regardless of its nature of work. The growth in the sector is with the rapidly increasing growth in the Finance and Economy Sector.

There are many subclasses and branches in the finance field.

v      SKILLS AND SPECIFICATIONS: The basic criterion for selection is having adequate Finance related knowledge and apt skills.

There are the following attributes which are basically very necessary in a person desiring to do the job in the finance sector.

  • The person must have the required knowledge of the some or the other Finance related work.
  • The basic degree required to do the job is a Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Economy or Accountancy.
  • The degrees of a Post graduation or any Diploma may also get one through even a higher level of job profile.
  • He or she should be updated with the entire laws related to the field and aware of every changing Finance law of the country.
  • The person needs to be updated timely and adequately informed of the changing patterns and new laws introduced.
  • It will be an added advantage for the person having required past working experience in the field.
  • The person must be good at subjects like Mathematics, Economics, Accounts and Finance.

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