Clinical Project Manager Job Description

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Clinical Project Manager Job Profile and Description

The Clinical Project Manager is the one who has the responsibility to work in medical research facilities. He or she has to perform the tasks such as study, containment and destruction of microbial agents that cause allergies and infectious diseases. The main aim is to understand and control microbiological agents in the fight against human. They work in both private and government research institutions such as the NIAID or National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and similar agencies. He or she has the responsibility to head and administer the various clinical research projects.

Clinical Project Manager Duties and Responsibilities

There are the following duties and responsibilities as follows:

  • The main duty is to provide the overall administrative and operational support.
  • He or she is responsible for the following jobs such as clinical experimentation, control and containment of microbes suspected of causing any of the identified contagious diseases.
  • He or she has to support the development of clinical protocols and project management practices.
  • It is the duty to support the systems also to undertake research work.
  • He or she has to work as a supervisor for the team of clinical research analysts and scientists in performing their duties and responsibilities.
  • It will be the duty to develop the project management systems to provide the proper reports to the stakeholders.

Clinical Project Manager Skills and Specifications

The required skills and specifications are as follows:

  • The person must have the competence to work in a clinical research independently.
  • He or she should have the team working skills to do the job.
  • He or she must have the excellent communication, facilitation, and mentoring skills.
  • The person also needs to have the managerial decisiveness to prioritize on multiple projects properly.
  • He or she must have the excellent proficiency in MS Project, Excel, and Visio software
  • He or she should have the required knowledge on SWOT analyses, Gantt Charts, and flowcharting (PERT/CPM Charts)
  • It is the required ability to obtain a Public Trust Clearance if working for a high level government or federal disease control agency.

Clinical Project Manager Education and Qualifications

  • The basic degree required is a BS degree from an accredited college/university in biomedical sciences, research or clinical trials or health.
  • He or she should have the four years of related experience in lieu of degree.
  • The person should also have the progressive experience in clinical project management inclusive of 3 years in managing concurrent projects is basic
  • The person having the Masters degree in any of these fields will be preferred for the job.

Clinical Project Manager Salary

The salary depends upon the agency location, nature and complexity of research, size and number of concurrent projects and qualification.

  • The annual average salary of a Clinical Project Manager ranges from $58,500 to as high as $95,000.

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