Recreational Therapy Job Description

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Recreational Therapy Job Profile and Description

The Recreational Therapists are basically the professionals who play a vital role in this age of stress and tension. They work in the sectors such as clubs to parks and can even design special-education programs for the betterment of people. They are the expert in the field who needs to teach specific skills and often help teachers, parents etc to address the special needs of the students.

Recreational Therapy Job Duties and Responsibilities

There are the following duties and responsibilities as follows:

  • The main duty is to provide the proper treatment and recreation services to individuals with disabilities or illnesses.
  • He or she needs to use the methods such as arts and crafts, games, sports, dance, drama etc.
  • It is needed to work for the improvement of the physical, mental, and emotional condition of the people.
  • He or she has to help in reducing depression, anxiety.
  • It is needed to build the confidence and socialize effectively to enjoy independence.
  • He or she has to work for reducing the problems of illness or disability.
  • It is needed to help the people with disabilities to integrate into the community by making use of community resources.
  • He or she is responsible for the rehabilitating individuals who are down with long-term physical problems.
  • He or she has to provide the interventions to prevent the clients from suffering any kind of medical problems.
  • He or she has to maintain the observations, standardized assessments and medical records for better correspondence.

Recreational Therapy Job Skills and Specifications

The required skills and specifications are as follows:

  • The person needs to be very responsible in nature.
  • He or she should have excellent socials skills.
  • The person should have the ability to recognize and address the problems faced by people.
  • He or she needs to have the excellent communicative skills both verbal and written.

Recreational Therapy Education and Qualifications

  • The basic degree required is a bachelor’s degree in therapeutic recreation or recreation.
  • He or she should have an associate degree in training in art, recreational therapy; music therapy etc can be of great aid.

Recreational Therapy Job Salary

The salary depends upon the education and experience basically.

  • The salary in the year 2004 was $50,330.

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