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Chef Assistant Job Profile and Description:

The job profile of Chef’s Assistant is very interesting and is full of challenges. He has to assist the chef in ensuring that the kitchen is organized and that the food is prepared timely and with the appropriate quality. The chef assistant has to be very responsible for his part of job and hence only qualified people should be hired for this job. This job demands long working hours and he should be able to handle pressure as well.

Chef Assistant Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of a chef assistant will involve:

  • The very first responsibility of the chef assistant is he should be properly skilled in food preparation. He, being the chief assistant to the Head Chef, has to undertake a lot of major portion in the preparation of the food.
  • His responsibility is to make sure that the stock in the kitchen for preparation of food is properly maintained and all the important food items are properly accounted for. The chef has to prepare the inventory for the kitchen and has to adhere to it all the times.
  • The development of new recipes which will later enter into the menu of the restaurant is also the responsibility of the chef assistant. This development happens through constant testing and various experiments. Whenever the head chef is on leave or unavailable, it the responsibility of the chef assistant to make sure that the kitchen is running properly.

Chef Assistant Skills and Specifications:

The skills and specifications of a chef assistant must be as follows:

  • The chef assistant should have expertise in the preparation of food. He should be trained properly and should have culinary skills which is a very important skill set expected of him.
  • He must also cultivate the skills set for nutrition, planning of the menu, making inventory. It is the part of the Chef Assistant’s repository. They receive such kind of training through apprenticeships and so on.
  • Good command over the kitchen and its mechanics are very Important skill set that the assistant must have. The assistant has to keep his subordinates under a check and has to supervise them and hence excellent communication skill set is a must for him.

Chef Assistant Education and Qualification:

The chef assistant needs to have the following educational qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent GED
  • Culinary training

Chef Assistant Salary:

The salary of a chef assistant per annum is around 50,000 USD. This depends on the working hours, kind of experience and renown, nature of the establishment and so on.

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