Bar Manager Job Description In Word Format

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Bar Manager Job Description

Bar Manager Job Profile and Description


A Bar is primarily a place where alcohol is served, however if a bar is located at a hotel or restaurant, the bar manager may need to manager oversee dining and food preparation. The job profile of a bar manager is to handle the overall operations of a bar. He/she is responsible for everything that is related to the bar operations. Management of all operations – staff schedules, security, supplies etc-etc.

Bar Manager Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Ensuring proper stocking at the bar
  • Maintaining income & expenses logs
  • Liaise with the Kitchen staff for food items
  • Ensuring proper security arrangements
  • Constantly working to improve the hygiene standards and service at the bar.
  • Coming up with new & innovative ideas to boost the income of the bar
  • He/she is responsible for everything happening at the bar.
  • Training & guiding the new staff
  • Taking care of the guests
  • Reviewing bar operations, planning special-events and setting prices for liquor.
  • Planning staff schedules
  • HHandling conflict situations

Bar Manager Skills and Specifications –

  • Should possess excellent communications skills
  • Should posses excellent management skills
  • Should possess leadership quality
  • Have complete information about the liquor service legislation, and bar opening hours etc.
  • Have basic administyration skills
  • Should know how to handle a ‘conflict situation’ in a bar

Bar Manager Education and Qualification –

  • A hotel management degree, or a degree in MBA.

Bar Manager Job Salary

  • The salary depends on the experience – rangees from $1500 – $4500.

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