Executive Sous Chef Job Description

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Executive Sous Chef Job Profile and Description

The job profile of the Sous chef is just below the Executive chef, i.e. the Sous chef has the secondary authority meaning second in command in the line of executives who manage and administer over the operations of a specific restaurant. Therefore the job profile of the executive sous chef basically is about lots of serious responsibilities some of which are making sure that the quality of the food served to the customers is just perfect, the entire professional setup must be properly managed, employees should be satisfied, the state rules should be adhered to along with the regulations set for restaurant execution and the administrative regulations for the service provided is complied with.

Executive sous chefs work not only in hotels but can also work in ships, cruise and casinos where large quantity of food is prepared and served efficiently.

Executive Sous Chef Duties and Responsibilities

The specific job duties and responsibilities of an executive sous chef include:

  • The executive sous chef is required to have a thorough a knowledge and a good understanding of the culinary basics and advanced skills. The individual must have enough talent to be creative and to bring about ideas of rare varieties for preparing food and presenting them properly.
  • One of the important aspect of the job profile of an executive sous chef is to possess managerial responsibilities towards work.
  • The most important job responsibility of the executive sous chef is to provide customer satisfaction. The quality of the food must be good along with good services, time management, timely food delivery and satisfying other customer requirements in a proper sophisticated fashion definitely forms a very important part of the sous chef’s responsibility.
  • The executive sous chef should have a thorough knowledge of rules and regulations of the code of execution that govern a particular restaurant, food unit, or organization and should ensure that all the tasks conducted follow those strictures.
  • The executive sous chef also mentors junior chefs, hence it is his job to give them a proper training and maintain good friendly relations with them.


Executive Sous Chef Skills and Specifications

  • He should be able to apply his culinary skills in real life cooking, and his knowledge of maximum possible dishes all over the globe.
  • He should have strong interpersonal and verbal skills.
  • He should have the ability and capability to work in groups and should be able to lead a team and provide necessary training to subordinates.
  • He should have physical strength and should be flexible in his work.

Executive Sous Chef Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications required of an executive sous chef are:

  • For his qualifications he should have a high school degree and diploma or bachelor’s in any particular field.
  •  He should be trained in culinary programs registered under the State policies; hands-on practice and certification.
  • He should be certified by the American Culinary Federation [ACF] or should have attained the certificated for Culinary Administrator which adds on to the academic capabilities of an executive sous chef

Executive Sous Chef Salary

The average annual salary of an executive sous chef can range between $70,000 and $1,30,000, depending on skills and expertise.

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