Aircraft Mechanic Job Description

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Aircraft Mechanic Job Description


Aircraft Mechanic Job Profile and Description

An Aircraft Mechanic is a person who checks, overhauls, repairs and performs mechanical maintenance to an aircraft before it takes off. The term ‘Aircraft Mechanic’ is categorized into different roles – airframe mechanic, power plant mechanic and avionic technician. An aircraft mechanic gets a job depending on the qualifications & specializations in the industry; however every mechanic is required to have some knowledge in all areas of aircraft maintenance.

Duties and Responsibilities –

The range of the duties & responsibilities of an Aircraft Mechanic is very wide. The role of an aircraft mechanic is very important as anything wrong that goes unnoticed can result in a place crash and cost hundreds of lives.

  • Correcting, aligning and regulating the engine systems.
  • Fixing the faults in the system.
  • Inspecting the engines of the aircraft
  • Determining the tools and equipments necessary to perform a certain job.
  • Finding areas of problem and solving them.
  • Setting up the electrical and plumbing equipments.
  • Performing all the servicing and maintenance tasks.
  • Carrying out the regular checks.
  • Managing operations.
  • Observing the gauge and control panel to make sure everything is working fine
  • Identifying problems that may occur.
  • Performing the orders of the engineers.
  • Adjusting the aircraft structure.
  • Reading and understanding manuals.

Skills and Specifications –

  • Should have excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Should be alert.
  • Should be able to handle work pressure.
  • Should have good hearing and eyesight.
  • Should possess technical and practical skills.
  • Should pay attention to detail.

Education and Qualifications –

  • Should possess a high school diploma
  • Should possess a government recognized certificate stating the type of license.
  • Should possess a degree in aircraft maintenance

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