Airport Security Job Description

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Airport Security Job Description

Airport Security Job Profile and Description

The ‘Airport Security’ staff includes people who manage the different security programs at an airport and carry out their execution. The different security programs include, but not limited to, watching, checking and screening all the people present at the airport. They work round the clock to ensure the safety & security of the airport.

Duties and Responsibilities –

The duties & responsibilities of the airport security staff are to ensure the safety of the airport. They work to maintain airport protected from any possible threats

  • Stop any unauthorized access to restricted airport areas
  • Solve inquiries of the passengers and visitors.
  • Direct passengers to the concerned authorities for answers/solutions out of their reach
  • Check all staff vehicles.
  • Maintaining the log books.
  • Operate the airport security machines & handle procedures.
  • Help moving the light objects.
  • Implement airstrip driver and safety guidelines.
  • Scrutinize all activities at the airport and ensure safety regulations are followed.
  • Leading passengers to & from the airport strip and safe areas.
  • Provide professional customer care.

Skills and Specifications –

Airport security job skills and specifications include:

  • Should have good memory to memorize the codes and security procedures
  • Should have good oral and written communication skills
  • Should be a team-player and have a good eyesight
  • Should be always alert and smart

Education and Qualifications –

  • High School Diploma
  • Training in airport security procedures is preferred by many airlines, but they also offer on the job training

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