Cake Decorator Job Description

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Cake Decorator Job Description

Cake decorator job profile and description

A Cake decorator’s job profile is to garnish cakes using a wide range of patterns. This is very fragile art and thus, it requires a lot of accuracy and creativity.

This job requires a real talent and high amount of experience. There is a high demand for cake decorators all over the country. This job profile is similar to that of an artist or a painter – creating beautiful patterns on delicious cakes.

Cake decorator duties and responsibility –

  • Garnishing and making different cake patterns
  • Creating new patterns & designs for cakes
  • Deciding the size of cakes according to a pattern
  • Preparing decorating materials like icing and trims
  • Training new staff
  • Keeping the baking equipment & are clean & hygienic

Cake decorator skills and specification –

The required skills for the job of a cake decorator are:

  • Extraordinarily innovative to form new & interesting cake patterns
  • A sharp eye  for detail
  • Have precision in work
  • Have good time management skills

Cake decorator education and qualification –

Cake decoration job requires high amount of talent. This art cannot be taught in a classroom, it demands original innovation. A cake decorator should have vast knowledge about the ingredients used in the cake decoration.

  • A certification course in pastry arts
  • An associate degree in baking and pastry arts

Cake decorator salary –

The salary for a Cake decorator mainly depends on the knowledge & experience a person has – it ranges from $11.57 to $14.75 per hour.

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