Camp Attendant Job Description

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Camp Attendant Job Description

Camp Attendant Job Profile and Description

The job of a Camp Attendant is to take care of the camp site and to make sure that it safe and always hygienically livable for the campers.

An attendant is required to be always alert; he/she should be able to handle any kind of situation on his/her own. A camp attendant is required to arrange and maintain facilities at the camp. An attendant is required to arrange all the necessary equipments, and services for the campers. An attendant guides & assists the campers for everything they might need help for.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Registering campers
  • Conducting tours for the campers
  • Ensuring hygienic conditions of the place
  • Ensuring the materials are clean at the place
  • Sanitizing the appliances in the utility rooms.
  • Performing administrative tasks like mail correspondences etc.

Skills and Specifications –

  • Should have proper training as a camp attendant,
  • Should have knowledge about First Aid
  • Should have certification in food and beverage safety
  • Should have a sharp eye for detail
  • Should have good communication skills
  • Should have a pleasant personality.
  • Should be personable and one who takes an initiative

Education and Qualifications –

  • A High School diploma
  • Working experience is a plus

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  1. jhon j. catano says:

    I have 15 year of experience in housekeeping in cruise ships, and is similar to work / live into a camp

  2. ishan says:

    Ishan Dahir
    13314 90 Street
    Edmonton, Alberta
    (780) 760-8516

    Objective: To obtain full-time employment at your institute.

    Ø Time Management – Prioritizes work to meet goals or deadlines.
    Ø Social – Able to work alone and in groups effectively.
    Ø Self motivated – Maintains focus on accomplishing desired results.
    Ø Well-Organized – Attention to detail, very neat.
    Ø Energy Level – Brings energy, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude to the job.
    Ø Computer -Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint
    -Typing (45 wpm)

    Education: Completed High School Education.

    Volunteer Work

    • Volunteered tutoring kids at an after school program at E.S.S, Mississauga, ON
    • Volunteered at the 2007 elections in Toronto
    -Handing out flyers, inserting posters on lawns, going door to door, calling residents at their home making them aware of the election.
    • Volunteered at YWCA-Yellowknife Homelessness Coalition in Yellowknife, NWT

    Work Experience:

    • Bouwa Whee Catering/ Catering Company
    Diavik Diamond Mine, Yellowknife, NWT
    -DA/Dinner Assistant 2011-2012

    • Boston Pizza/ Restaurant
    Yellowknife, NWT
    -Waitress/ Bartender 2011-2011

    • McDonalds/ Fast Food Chain
    Edmonton, Alberta
    -Cashier 2008-2009
    -Team Leader/ Trainer 2010-2011

    • Suzy Shier/ Female Clothing Line
    Mississauga, ON
    -Cashier 2007- 2008
    -Assistant Manager 2008-2008
    -Problem Solving, Dealing with unsatisfied customers, disciplining employees, Accounting at the end of every shift and placing an amount in the bank every night.

    • Please Mum, Children’s Clothing Store
    Mississauga, ON
    -Cashier 2006-2007

    • Swiss Chalet/ Fast Food Chain
    Mississauga, ON
    -Cashier at Take Out Stand 2006-2007

    Reference available upon request

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