Catering Manager Job Description

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Catering Manager Job Description

Catering Manager Job Profile and Description

The job profile of a ‘Catering Manager’ requires a person to plan, and manage the food and beverage services of an establishment. It is the responsibility of a catering manager to meet the expectations of the customers by providing excellent service.

A Catering manger may find work at any type of establishment like hotel, restaurant, resort or a cruise ship. Nowadays, catering managers are also hired by organizations that do not relate to the hospitality industry, like schools, hospitals, churches etc-etc.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Negotiating with the clients, understanding their requirements and providing excellent customer service
  • Recruiting and training staff and leading the team
  • Planning the menus for an event/party
  • Liaise with the kitchen staff
  • Making sure that the health and safety regulations are followed strictly
  • Be responsible for making budget for an event and reaching financial targets for the establishment
  • Performing administrative duties and maintaining the records
  • Managing the employee payroll and watching expenses
  • Checking & maintaining stocks & adding new supplies for the business
  • Liaise with the customers and the establishment
  • Planning promotions and coming up with new ideas
  • Acquiring knowledge about new trends in the industry and customer preferences

Skills and Specifications –

  • Should have good leadership and communication skills
  • Should be self-motivated
  • Should have knowledge about the menu
  • Should be able to handle pressure

Education and Qualifications – 

One can go to a catering institute or do a hotel management course, which will teach both culinary and managerial skills.

  • Should have a degree in hotel management or culinary arts

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