Food Counter Attendant Job Description

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Food Counter Attendant Job Description

Food counter attendant job description and profile

The main responsibility of a ‘Food Counter Attendant’ is to take orders from customers. The position of food counter attendant is generally at places like fast food outlets, cinemas, and canteens, mess etc. At some places, an attendant may has to prepare dishes.

Food counter attendant duties and responsibilities-

  • Taking orders from the customers
  • Issuing token to customers for collecting their ordered dishes
  • Having an eye for detail – handing over the right dish to the right customer
  • Handling the billing procedure
  • Keeping a record of the monetary transactions
  • Serving foods and drinks from the counter
  • Forwarding the K.O.T – ‘Kitchen Order Ticket’ to the kitchen staff
  • Ensuring timely delivery of dishes
  • Providing excellent customer service

Food counter attendant skills and specifications –

  • Excellent communication & customer service skills
  • A welcoming personality
  • Knowledge about simple food preparation
  • Be a troubleshooter
  • Be a quick learner and work fast
  • Strong mathematical skills
  • Must be very organized and smart to work efficiently

Food counter attendant education and qualification-

  • High school diploma, however some places may require a college degree

Food counter attendant salary –

The salary of a food counter attendant ranges from $18,000 and $30,000 per annum.

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