Laundry Coordinator Job Description

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Laundry Coordinator Job Description

Laundry Coordinator Job Description and Profile

The job profile of a ‘Laundry Coordinator’ requires a person to oversee and perform the laundering operations at an establishment – clothes, linen, bedding and other washable articles.  He/she needs to perform all related tasks to the department like inventory of laundry, stocks, supplies & accounts etc. he/she is also responsible for training and supervising the laundry staff.

Duties and Specifications –

  • Direct s laundry staff for performing the tasks efficiently
  • Overseeing the use of laundry, cleaning supplies and other items.
  • Supervising inventories for different items
  • Monitoring the laundry operations to provide better customer service
  • To keep the laundry tools and equipments in good condition
  • To fold all clean laundry items, and stocking them for pick up by concerned staff
  • Checking & monitoring pressure gauges for required adjustments.
  • Using chemicals in proper proportions and changing compressor oil.

Skills and Specifications –

  • Be able to expand and implement operational methods and practices.
  • Be organized and in order to perform daily tasks and duties
  • Be a quick learner
  • Be able to coach and lead staff
  • Be able to learn and use laundry equipments and perform repairs
  • Be able to fulfill the regulations and laws for laundry operations
  • Should know how to maintain reports and records.
  • Be able to lift objects weighing 50 pounds and more
  • Be ready to work with harmful and toxic chemicals and materials.

Education and Qualifications -s

  • 1 year of professional experience in a hotel laundry
  • Possess a valid State Driver’s License (Class C)

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