NFL Referee Job Description

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NFL Referee Job Description

NFL Referee Job Profile and Description


NFL stands for ‘National Football League’. An NFL Referee performs the duties of a referee in the game of football. The job profile for this position is very demanding – the person needs to spend most of their time playing with the players, travelling the world along with the team, but it is a very rewarding career with an opportunity to see the whole world.

NFL Referee Duties and Responsibilities –

  • An NFL Referee needs to be always ready and in shape to play their role in a game.  A football match demands very high performance through precise measurement of the layers’ standing in a game
  • An NFL Referee should always be prepared to recognize that their game decisions may turn either side – this honest attitude is very important to form a successful career as a referee.
  • An NFL referee is required to have complete knowledge about the football game, the rules, the strategies etc-etc.

NFL Referee Skills and Specifications –

  • As an NFL Referee is expected to deliver great results in demanding circumstances,
  • Should have good understanding of the game and be attentive.
  • Should have a good vision and quick, yet intelligent decision maker
  • Should have player football in their young years to set up an outstanding football career

NFL Referee Education and Qualifications –

  • Must  have player football in their initial years and have great skills
  • Expected to have complete knowledge about the game and has the necessary certifications authorized by the appropriate football board.
  • A high school student can apply for a football matched and represent their respective region. After keeping a good track at regional level, a player can apply for the NFL Referee position.

NFL Referee Salary –

The salary range for an NFL referee is very good – $120,000 to $200,000 per annum

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