Pub Manager Job Description Job Description

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Pub Manager Job Description Job Description

Pub Manager Job Profile and Description:

A Pub is a place where drinks and snacks are served. This place also has arrangements for entertainment – music & dance. This is totally a casual setting with light environment. At a bar, people come to enjoy drinking while dancing and watching sports. A Pub manager handles all the operations of a pub – from staff to supplies.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • A pub manager handles all operations –  food & drinks service, watching staff & maintaining stocks and ensuring security,
  • Conversing with customers and making sure that they have a good time
  • Coordinating with all departments like kitchen, service, security etc. to ensure a successful pub operation
  • Ensuring proper security of the place and handling brawls
  • Making arrangements for promotions and increasing profits
  • Making sure that the place is stocked with all the required materials
  • Setting pricing for drinks
  • Scheduling staff duties and managing them
  • Be always present at the pub to ensure smooth pub operations

Skills and Specifications –

  • Should have good organizational and leadership skills
  • Should have knowledge about all drinks available at the place
  • Must have presence of mind and always alert
  • Should have a pleasing personality
  • Should be firm and careful when a brawl takes place
  • Must be confident, and have leadership skills
  • Be ready to work for long hours

Education and Qualifications –

For the post of a Pub manager, one may opt for a diploma or degree in hotel management. There are many courses offered on pub management.

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