Recreational Worker Job Description

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Recreational Worker Job Description

Recreational Worker Job Profile and Description


A Recreational worker works at an entertainment or recreational centre. They help customers using the facilities to have complete enjoyment. A recreational centre has different types of activities to offer to people – games, sports, dance, music & arts etc-etc. A recreational centre can be found at a hotel, club etc. It offers both indoor & outdoor recreation activities.

Recreational Worker Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Providing assistance to customers for enjoying the facilities at the centre
  • Taking care of the equipments and other materials at the centre
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Ensuring customers have a smooth and enjoying experience at the centre
  • Working in coordination with the other staff of the centre
  • Always maintaining the centre in order always
  • Acting as sports coach for various sports at the centre.

Recreational Worker Skills and Specifications –

  • Should be physically fit and have real interest in sporting activities.
  • Should know about the sports equipments and necessary information about the games, sports & all facilities provided at the centre
  • Should know some lifesaving activities as at times, they may be required to take necessary actions when an accident occurs like fire, drowning in the pool, etc.

Recreational Worker Education and Qualifications –

  • There is no formal educational requirement for this position.
  • The candidate should have good knowledge about different types of games and be able to guide 7 assist customers use the equipments and facilities at the recreational centre

Recreational Worker Salary –

The job of a recreational worker depends on their responsibilities and the designation at the centre – it is around $19,000 per annum.

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