Therapist Job Description

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Therapist Job Description

Therapist Job Profile and Description

A Therapist is required to perform different procedures in medical field. He/she treats people with disabilities and age problems. A therapist generally works at a hospital, orthopedic treatment center and rehabilitation facility. They provide a wide range of treatments to patients.

Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Scheduling, arranging and conducting therapy procedures in hospitals etc.
  • Planning programs details for different therapies
  • Participating in educational, social, and recreational programs designed to aid handicapped people develop/regain mental or physical health
  • Discussing rehabilitation program details with other members to ensure excellent patient care
  • Coordinating healing activities
  • Planning & developing positive activities according to an individual’s intelligence, emotional and  physical level
  • Helping patients recover fast and help them learn how to adjust with disability
  • Teaching patients the necessary skills & techniques to survive
  • Designing and developing special equipments for patients and suggesting adjustment requirements for a patient according to their work and living environment.
  • Overseeing supplies and equipments
  • Laying out materials for treatments and repairing tools after each session

Skills and Specifications –

  • Caring and patience
  • Tender and well organized
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

Education and Qualifications

  • Certification in therapy procedures
  • Nursing or care taking course
  • Should be physically and mentally fit to perform various duties

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