Tour Escort Job Description

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Tour Escort Job Description

Tour Escort Job Profile and Description


A Tour Escort is required to help out tourists on their journey. They provide assistance during a tourist’s journey for all things a tourist might ask for. They work in a tour company and take care of every need of a tourist and fulfill requests. They liaise between the tourist and the tour company, providing excellent service to make a tourist’s journey a memorable experience.

Tour Escort Duties and Responsibilities –

  • Guiding and escorting tourists to interesting spots of a place
  • Assisting a tourist under the tour itinerary and
  • Escorting traveler groups or individuals
  • Assisting tourists shop in the town
  • Guiding tourists about local culture and cuisine specialties
  • Putting tourists at ease during the journey to give them a great experience
  • Checking the baggage of tourists and ensuring their safety.
  • Providing badges to tourists so no one is lost

Tour Escort Skills and Specifications –

  • Have a great helping attitude
  • Putting tourists at ease
  • Should have a cheerful personality and excellent communication skills.
  • Should be physically fit to ensure safety of the passengers
  • Should have local tourist destination information

Tour Escort Education and Qualifications –

  • Should have wide knowledge about tourist spots of a place

Tour Escort Salary –

The salary for this position is from $8 – $50 per hour and it depends on the place an escort guiding for and work experience of the escort. The yearly income of an escort is from $14,000 and $104,000

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