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HR Job Descriptions gives an overview of the kind of duties and responsibilities that are to be fulfilled by a person applying for a job in the field of Human Resource.HR jobs are closely related to administration of a department or the organisation as a whole. Human resource may be a huge department in a company, each employee handling different operations.

The following are the few examples of the different types of job profiles of people associated with Human Resource:

  1. HR advisor job
  2. HR assistant job
  3. HR specialist job
  4. HR officer job


The role of any HR employee is huge and thus holds a lot of importance. Any position, lower or higher needs to be completely justified by the person who takes it. The following points shall provide an idea of the kind of expectations from any HR associated employee:

  • A good HR professional forms a link between the owners and the staff of the company.
  • He must have good leadership skills and a great interpersonal relationship level with all co-workers.
  • Any person with a Bachelor’s degree in any subject can apply at the post.
  • A person with an MBA or any other diploma course in administration holds a better chance of getting a HR job.

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