Communications Assistant Job Description

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Communications Assistant Job Profile and Description

The role of a Communications Assistant is to ensure that company messages are sent out in a professional format. They will need to verify the accuracy of the various information sources that are put out on the public arena. The successful candidate should be able to work in a supportive role within the PR team. The role has dynamic career prospects that might improve its profile within the company.

Communications Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

There are a number of duties and responsibilities which are associated with the role of a Communications Assistant:

1.       You will need to prepare press releases and check their accuracy.

2.       You might be required to take note of any relevant PR information during strategy meetings.

3.       The successful applicant will be expected to support the work of the PR manager through various administrative duties.

4.       You will be responsible for managing the filing and data system according to the company rules.

Communications Assistant Skills and specifications

The specifications that are associated with a Communications Assistant are as follows:

1.       You have to have good written and verbal communication skills.

2.       You should be organized enough to handle a large portfolio of work.

3.       You need to have excellent intra-team and inter-team working skills.

4.       The role calls for someone who is capable of paying attention to details within communication portfolios.

Communications Assistant education and Qualification

A diploma in mass communication will be useful in the application process. You need to also have industry related qualifications. Journalists have been able to undertake this role during their training period.

Communications Assistants Salary

The salary range for a Communications Assistant is $40k to $75k per annum. They will receive extra allowances for executive duties. The role can be on a training schedule or it might be filled as a full time post within the company. It also differs on the basis of knowledge, experience, location of the company, etc.

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