Community Relations Officer Job Description

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Community Relations Officer Job Profile and Description

A company is part of a community and its actions go beyond marketing products and services but also impacts on the general public especially in the direct vicinity where it operates. In companies that have large branch affiliates in various geographic regions, the Community Relations Officer in each location takes on a public relations job that basically makes the company look good to the people living in the area where it operates. The work aims to capture the immediate populace as its workforce and in cases where its manufacturing operations have environmental impact, assures the community that it complies with state and federal safety laws.

Community Relations Officer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Implement recruitment guidelines as approved by the HR leadership,
  • Visit community colleges, secondary schools and universities near the area and conduct seminars about the advantages and benefits the company offers to fresh graduate.
  • Participate in community job markets buy setting up stalls or booths featuring the corporate employment brochures,
  • Issue press releases in coordination with headquarter public relations and marketing heads on any issue concerning health and safety of workers or its manufacturing and production facilities in the affected community,

Community Relations Officer Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills is a must.
  • Excellent interpersonal, diplomatic and persuasive skills to market the company to the public and student.
  • Has computer proficiency in the use of word processing and spreadsheets
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to deal with management staff in evaluating job descriptions and performance appraisals.

Community Relations Officer Education and Qualifications

  • A 4-year college degree in the social sciences and behavioral sciences as well as in Commerce, Business Management, Industrial Psychology or equivalent is basic
  • A one year experience in HR or PR functions is an added advantage.

Community Relations Officer Salary

The annual salary for non-managerial HR professionals averages $50k to $65k and would differ based on experience, training, company size, industry and state location.

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