Corporate Compliance Auditor Trainer Job Description

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Corporate Compliance Auditor/Trainer Job Profile and Description

Companies could be financially liable if they run afoul of the law in the area of FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) and it is for this reason that the HR department often employs a Corporate Compliance Auditor who is responsible for ensuring that the company is always in compliance with the law which is often easily overlooked in their rush to achieve their business objectives.

Corporate Compliance Auditor/Trainer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct internal HR audit to check on Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance by gathering employment facts to ascertain level of compliance, and communicate to higher management with recommendations on corrective or employee processing improvements.
  • Work with payroll to review payroll processes and bookkeeping practices to ensure compliance with state and federal labor laws/regulations
  • Conduct compliance training sessions at various levels of management as required
  • Express facts and ideas verbally and in writing to staff and management using convincing, logical and organized presentation
  • Explain regulatory requirements and obtain cooperation from management to comply with requirements.
  • Interact with other departments to communicate various findings and to process changes as approved.
  • Provide feedback and make recommendation to the Human Resource Leadership concerning possible problems or areas of improvement.

Corporate Compliance Auditor/Trainer Skills and Specifications

  • Must have general knowledge of FISA and applicable Federal, State, Local, Provincial, and Territorial laws and regulations relating to HR functions.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills is a must.
  • Must have high analytical skills to evaluate reports and processes when checking their regulatory compliance
  • Must have excellent presentation skills with ability to use audio visual presentation equipment
  • Proficiency in computer system skills and knowledge in payroll systems is essential.

Corporate Compliance Auditor/Trainer Education and Qualifications

  • A BA/BS degree or equivalent work experience. 2-3 years experience in similar audit work is an added advantage

Corporate Compliance Auditor/Trainer Salary

The range of salaries starts from $50k to $60k depending on qualification and experience, company size and the industry where the company operates.

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