Employment Counselor Job Description

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Employment Counselor Job Profile and Description

An employment counselor helps people looking for jobs or students make sound career decisions based on the people’s skills, preferences, priorities and qualifications. They interact with the clients and find out what will be the right job for them by collecting and assessing information about their education, previous employment experience, interests and other personal information. They also ask the clients to take some tests, which helps them to understand the aptitude, personality and preferences of the clients and gives them a better understanding of their vocational interests. After analysing theses bits of information, employment counselors identify potential career options and discuss with their clients and advise them about what is expected in these posts, what salaries can be expected etc.

Employment Counselor Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an employment counselor will involve:

  • Find out the requirements of a client and what he is good at
  • Guide him in choosing the career which will suit his needs, qualifications and skills
  • Advise him on what course of action to take if he wants to switch jobs
  • Some employment counselors are also involved in providing job placement assistance to their clients
  • They search files of job orders from employers in their database and match these with their clients’ qualifications.
  • They also remain in touch with companies to find out whether any job openings exists

Employment Counselor Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of an employment counselor include:

  • Great interpersonal skills are required to find out what the client wants or is good at
  • Good networking skills and keeping in touch with potential employers
  • Must have knowledge about the companies, different areas of work and be up to date with the latest trends in the industry
  • Excellent communication skills.

Employment Counselor Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for an employment counselor are as follows:

  • A minimum requirement would be a bachelor’s degree in psychology, guidance, vocational counseling, sociology or business administration
  • Related degrees or diplomas are acceptable if a person has work experience in the field of job placement, interviewing etc.
  • Basic knowledge of computer, good typing skills are supportive
  • Licensing may be required for some states, for which a master’s degree is valued

Employment Counselor Salary

An employment counselor can expect to get around $50k annually on an average, besides earning bonuses and commissions for every recruitment. They also get health and medical benefits, paid holidays etc.

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