Finance and HR Executive Job Description

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Finance and HR Executive Job Profile and Description

Finance and HR are two different functions within an organization, but probably the most important of all functions. As a finance and HR executive you’d be in charge of assisting both the finance and the HR office function properly. This position is not a run of the mill position available with all companies, but some companies do have such specialized positions.

Finance and HR Executive Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • As the name suggests, you’d be in charge of keeping money and men intact.
  • On one hand you’d be responsible for seeing cash flow to and from the company and on the other hand you’d be maintaining employee records, health records and recruitment records.
  • As an HR person you’d be addressing queries of employees and as finance personal, you’d know how much funds to allocate for different functions of the company.

Finance and HR Executive Job Skills and Specifications

  • The job involves maintenance of records of employees, as well as delves deep into the financial requirements of the company.
  • You would be required to train people and make them happy and also make sure that the cash registers keep rolling at all times.

Finance and HR Executive Job Education and Qualifications

A degree in finance, especially a management degree would be essential. Along with a finance degree, a degree in HR would be helpful. You could also have experience in HR and just a degree in finance.

Finance and HR Executive Salary

This is a top management level position, so the pay is very high. Such positions are usually V.P level positions and apart from a salary of around $30k per month you could also opt for stakes in the company.

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