Head VP Job Description

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Head/VP Job Profile and Description

In a large company, the HR Head is often an executive occupying a Vice President position that puts him at par with executives of other staff support departments such as IT and Finance. The HR Head/VP oversees all aspects of HR functions, from recruitments and job placements, career development, performance appraisal and promotions, firing and retirement as well as employee relations, and labor relations. He is the guy, assisted by the corporate lawyers and the labor relations head, who sits in any collective bargaining negotiation and approves hiring and firing as well as all employee movements within the corporate hierarchy.

HR Head/VP Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop the HR corporate policies and guidelines for approval by the President and CEO.
  • Promulgate approved HR policies as well as the corporate Code of Discipline.
  • Attend executive staff meetings to discuss corporate directions and HR performance in attaining business objective.
  • Present state of human resources in the company along with compensation profiles and production statistics, turnover and movement trends.
  • Approve with finality all hiring, firings, retirements, salary adjustments and job promotions.

HR Head/VP Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent leadership qualities, organizational and managerial skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent persuasive, interpersonal, diplomatic and negotiation skills to deal with employees and fellow executives across all departments.
  • Has excellent computer proficiency in the use of email and the internet
  • Has extensive knowledge in the operation of the department he leads

HR Head/VP Education and Qualifications

  • A post graduate MBA degree is basic to the position.
  • A substantial experience in various aspects of HR management is basic.
  • A doctoral degree in HR management or industrial sociology is an advantage.
  • A certification from the Institute of Professional Mangers is an advantage.

HR Head/VP Salary

Chief executives and Vice Presidents of medium sized companies enjoy a high pay. Their average annual salary is around $165k. But it’s no secret that at this level, other emoluments can bring the compensation to hundreds of thousands of dollars with some reaching $1million and beyond, along with stock options.

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