Help Desk Representative Job Profile and Description

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Help Desk Representative Job Profile and Description

A help desk representative, also known as a technical support or customer service representative, helps a customer by answering his queries, diagnosing and troubleshooting technical problems and then finding out an appropriate solution. The representative also updates systems, writes reports, and redirects problems to the senior management if required. Help desk representatives are hired by software or hardware companies, travel agencies, airline or train companies and any other organization where customers can call and seek advice for technical problems. They are often called IT support, service desk support or a support analyst. They are usually on-call during working hours to help the company to run computer networking operations smoothly.

Help Desk Representative Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a help desk representative will involve:

  • Answering calls from customers and providing them with solutions to the problem about any product or services
  • Keeping computer hardware and software systems for firms working with minimal downtime.
  • Keeping computer end users informed about system updates and then help them with any technical issue
  • Accessing information for the customer relating to the question or request for assistance

Help Desk Representative Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of a help desk representative include:

  • Good communication skills are very important.
  • They must be of cordial nature and have good interpersonal and verbal skills.
  • Knowledge about the technical field and ability to think quickly is helpful.
  • They must be approachable and be empathetic towards the customers’ problems.

Help Desk Representative Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for a help desk representative are as follows:

  • Most help desk representatives do not require any specific degree but they are trained on the job about specialized programs and then are certified. Knowledge of computers is very essential. A bachelor’s degree in a technical field is preferable but a general degree will also do.

Help Desk Representative Salary

A help desk representative can expect to get around $30,000-45,000 annually on an average. Usually help desk representatives do not get any additional benefits like insurance, medical, dental and so on. The remuneration may also vary from city to city; some of the highest paying salaries states are Washington DC and New York City. Most of them are hired by the IT industry, law firms, healthcare and manufacturing industry.

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