Hiring Manager Job Description

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Hiring Manager Job Profile and Description

Hiring Manger’s job entails working with line managers in recruitment and selection process. A hiring manager not only works with line managers within the organization but also with outside agencies like recruitment agencies and job centers. A hiring manager supervises the redeployment process of existing employees and assists in the execution of redundancy programs.

Duties and Responsibilities

1.       Advising departmental and line managers on recruitment and selection best practices.

2.       Providing professional advice and support on recruitment process to departmental and line managers.

3.       Preparing person specifications and job descriptions, writing job advertisements, and managing job-posting advertisements.

4.       Preparing recruitment material like brochures and further particulars depending on the variety of organization.

5.       Designing application forms, reviewing them and developing online processes.

6.       Developing creative and innovative recruitment solutions to attract quality and appropriate level staff.

7.       Screening application forms of job applicants and short listing them.

8.       Devising, managing and evaluating recruitment and selection processes including psychometric tests, interviews, personality questionnaires and other group activities.

9.       Keeping abreast with existing employment legislation and managing selection centers for recruitment of graduates and senior vacancies.

10.    Training staff in interviewing techniques and assisting in the execution of redundancy programs, including the development of voluntary redundancy schemes and early retirement packages.

11.    Developing plans in relocating staff to new jobs and departments while restructuring within the organization.

12.    Providing assistance in hiring process activities such as posting jobs on job board or website, reviewing applications and maintaining a spreadsheet on tracking an applicant.

13.    Coordinating and participating as a selection panel member in recruitment process, including selection, appointment process, preparing reports.

14.    Conducting an analytic job studies and constructing valid selection and job related criteria. Screening, evaluating and recommending applicants for interviews.

15.    Preparing and maintaining job documentation, job evaluation, and company salary structure systems.

Skills and Specifications

  • Good understanding of principles, methods, and practices related to payroll activities.
  • Knowledge of accounting procedures and practices.
  • Able to exercise great initiative independent judgment.
  • Ability to maintain the confidential information.
  • Able to interpret employment legislation, policies and agreements.
  • Able to establish and maintain healthy working relationships with people in course of work.
  • Knowledge of recruitment process.
  • Should be an effectual communicator verbally as well as through writing skills.
  • Ability to negotiate contribution agreement and contracts.
  • Solid problem-solving and business acumen skills.
  • Proficiency in English language.

Education and Qualifications

A bachelor or master degree in Human Resources Management, Business Management or related field. Degree in Human Resources Management related field from an accredited institution.

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    we want sample for kra, kpi, kpa for senior hr manager in recruitment and selection. and if possible pms for the same.

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