HR Advisor Job Description

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HR Advisor Job Profile and Description

HR advisor’s job entails Giving comprehensive, pragmatic, and customer focused HR support and advice to employees, and managers. HR advisors work within appropriate corporate human resources and directorate strategies, and plans to provide a quick, accurate professional HR support to staff and managers of the corporate, financial, environmental services, and performance directorates and planning economy.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Giving committed HR advice in issues like health and advice, grievance matters, conduct and capability, organizational change and employee and employment relations matters.
  2. Developing and maintaining productive and collaborative relationships with partners, colleagues, service areas and union representatives, demonstrating professional credibility.
  3. Leading management of casework including sickness absence, making recommendations, giving support and advice to managers.
  4. Developing managers in performance management culture area by leading the capability-related casework, guiding and advising managers with relevant policies.
  5. Supporting the HR advisor of senior level on grievance and disciplinary casework, ensuring the implementation of policy, legislation and best practice.
  6. Preparing ad hoc and regular management reports supporting in improvement of management and monitoring performance management and sickness absence systems.
  7. Giving HR advice in change management programs, service area projects, and working groups.
  8. Liaising with operational managers and finance officers in ensuring maintenance of staffing establishments within budgets.
  9. Supervising and authorizing the preparation and delivery of appropriate contractual documents regarding terminations, appointments ad employment variations.
  10. Advising managers on selection and recruitment issues, including creation of job descriptions, selection process, person specifications, completely grading process, and interview panel participation.
  11. Keeping up to date information regarding developments in human resources practices, employment legislation, and sharing of knowledge within team.
  12. Giving support and guidance to the HR administration team.
  13. Maintaining and updating computerized and manual payroll and HR information systems and ensuring accurate recording of employment, personal, staffing establishment, and payroll information.
  14. Participating in training activities, encouraging and supporting staff n their training and development.
  15. Undertaking safety and healthy duties commensurate with the job.

Skills and Specifications

  1. Sound knowledge of practices of Human Resources.
  2. High-level knowledge of legislation of employment.
  3. Ability to ease discussions with groups and individuals.
  4. Ability to use candor.
  5. Good judgment and decision-making skills.
  6. Able to motivate and empower others to reach organizational goals.
  7. Ability to determine and convince others.
  8. Good communication, interpersonal and analysis skills.
  9. Ability to work cooperatively with other team members.

Education and Qualifications

A bachelor and master degree in Human Resource Management from an accredited institution.

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