HR Business Manager Job Description

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HR Business Manager Job Profile and Description

A company cannot run without managers – they are supposed to guide the company through thick and thin and ensure that the company continues to churn profits for the owners and employees. An HR business manager has a very crucial role to play towards the growth of a company because he would be looking after the welfare of the employees, taking care of company policy implementation and also look after matters pertaining to employment and attrition. A person in this role wouldn’t impact the profitability of the company directly, but would have a major role to play towards it because if the employees are happy and the rules are abided by, performance would go up and so would the profits.

HR Business Manager Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • An HR Business Manager would look after the well being of the employees, conduct recruitment drives to fill up vacancies and also prepare policy manuals of the company after discussion with the board of directors.
  • A good HR Business Manager is expected to bring down attrition and make the employees feel that they are getting the best deal from the company as far as compensation, job satisfaction and work culture is concerned.
  • An HR Business Manager would also have to handle complaints from employees efficiently so that neither the image of the company is tarnished nor the employees are left to sleep with their work life problems.

HR Business Manager Job Skills and Specifications

  • Human resource management skills along with strong business acumen are the prerequisites for the role.
  • An HR Business Manager would essentially look after the “hire and fire” processes of the company. He not only needs to make the employees feel comfortable, but also needs to make sure that in the process the profitability and vision of the company is not compromised.

HR Business Manager Job Education and Qualifications

  • You’d need to have a bachelor or master degree in HR management to be able to apply for the role of HR Business Manager in a company.
  • People development and management skills are an essential part of the job, so relevant experience apart from a degree would be able to put you in a better position.

HR Business Manager Salary

  • HR managers are one of the highest paid people in a company, but you need to understand that the growth prospects are totally dependent on how deftly you can handle both employee management and profitability of the company.
  • An experienced HR manager could draw anywhere between $9000 – $17500 per month depending upon the company he works for. Where the company is located.

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