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HR Business Partner Profile and Description

Every company relies on HR business partner to provide and manage their employees. They play a big role in providing the business with right person for the job and also work towards building a good working relationship. Client management, influencing and challenging management for overall development are taken care by an HR business partner.

HR Business Partner Duties and Responsibilities

  • The main responsibility of HR business partner is to listen to the ideas and understand the vision of the internal clients. After this, provide them with proposals based on those plans.
  • To do this job successfully, you need to understand the exact needs of the client and provide solutions. It should not only reap benefits in the short term but also help build foundation for long term stability.
  • Keeping the employees happy is essential for development and you will be responsible for it.

HR Business Partner Skills and specifications

  • An HR business partner needs to understand the work and the needs of the client. This is the major skill to have in order to keep the clients satisfied.
  • You need to have good communication skills.
  • Knowing how to keep all the parties happy without hampering business is vital.

HR Business Partner education and Qualification

  • To become a HR Business Partner, one must have a degree or a diploma in HR/Business. Without this you can’t apply for the job. A master’s degree like MBA in HR field is great.
  • Experience counts for the employers. Some look for 4years while some can even ask for 7-8years of experience in the field.

HR Business Partner Salary

The salary for a HR Business Partner can be very high. With experience the salary rises and if you have at least 5 years of experience, salary will be higher than the average. The average salary is around $90,000 and ranges from $50k to $135k.

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