HR Deputy General Manager Job Description

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HR Deputy General Manager Profile and Description

With companies growing bigger and bigger, the role of HR department has never been this important. HR Deputy General Manager thus has an important job to do. From recruiting to training, from looking after security to health of an employee, the HR DGM has to look after it all.

HR Deputy General Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • The prime responsibility is to cater the needs of the client. Provide them with exactly what they want at low cost.
  • The HR deputy general manager has to look after the well being of employees in the company. Look at their progress report and decide how to get most out of them.
  • Assist senior management in developing plans and discussing strategies in order to succeed in the changing market whenever required.

HR Deputy General Manager Skills and specifications

  • Immense knowledge about HR and the common issues faced by employees and clients.
  • Influencing and encouraging personality with confidence and ability to reap benefits of the resources available.
  • Manage all the junior executives and give them selected jobs to get work done faster and efficiently.
  • Study the market trends carefully and come up with new plans.

HR Deputy General Manager education and Qualification

  • If you are willing to become an HR Deputy General Manager, you must be having a post graduate degree in business preferably with HR as the primary subject.
  • You need to have years of experience in HR field and knowledge of the market.

HR Deputy General Manager Salary

  • If you become a HR Deputy General Manager you are sure to be on a hefty payroll.
  • Your experience and knowledge will determine if you get paid above average or below it.
  • Average salary of HR DGM is $70,000. Salary may start from 45,000 and goes up to $90,000 depending on how big the company is and where it is located.

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