HR Director Job Description

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HR Director Job Profile and Description

HR Director’s job is to implement HR programs and policies, and to manage every aspect of employee development and relations. The main responsibility of the HR director is to manage recruiting and staffing, performance management, benefits and compensation administration, organizational development, employee counseling services, and training. Most HR directors report to the Financial Officer.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Developing an employee-oriented organization culture that emphasizes continuous improvement, team- work, high performance and quality.
  2. Ensuring organizational conformation with applicable HR related regulations and statutes as well as organizational procedures and policies.
  3. Implementing HR programs and policies as needed by the organization.
  4. Identifying, evaluating, and resolving human relations, employee morale, work performance, and organizational productivity concerns.
  5. Ensuring job description for every employee position is up-to-date and accurate.
  6. Developing staffing strategies and implementing programs and plans. Identifying and cultivating effective and appropriate sources for employee for all job levels.
  7. Creating employee training and organizational development programs.
  8. Conducting performance reviews with personnel managers and monitoring employee attitudes, productivity, and performance outcomes.
  9. Managing the human resource management and payroll system and providing staff and directors with the essential reporting in order to help them in managing their employee resources.
  10. Recruiting and retaining top quality employees for each department and conducting interviews.
  11. Creating compensation plans and providing administration for employee welfares.
  12. Insuring that every aspect of human resources incorporate the vision, values, and culture of the organization.
  13. Managing the risk management work functions and assisting in developing a healthy and safety programs for the volunteers and staff.
  14. Participating as a senior management team member in weekly Director Meetings in order to develop and discuss organizational procedures and policies.

Skills and Specifications

  1. Ability to develop HR programs and policies based on business new requirements.
  2. Ability to develop technical papers, policy papers and to present technical information to senior management people.
  3. Strong project management, time management, and leadership skills.
  4. Demonstrated proficiency with Ms Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
  5. Solid problem-solving and business acumen skills.
  6. Able to manage multitask work in a strong-paced environment.
  7. Ability to mentor and supervise staff.
  8. Ability to negotiate contribution agreement and contracts.
  9. Should be well versed with the English language.
  10. Able to work alone on a broad variety of projects.
  11. Able to establish and maintain healthy working relationships with people in course of work.
  12. Willingness to work additional hours in order to meet tight deadlines.

Education and Qualifications

A Bachelor and master degree in Business or Human Resources from an accredited university or institution. College diploma or university degree in Human Resources. Diploma or degree in related field of Human Resources.

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