HR Officer Job Description

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HR Officer Job Profile Description

HR officer’s job entails developing, advising and implementing policies including working practices, recruitment, diversity, and employment pay conditions required by the organization. HR officer also coordinates the employee recruitment process by providing support and advice to staff selection committees and supervisors, ensuring that they have timely and accurate information to make valuable decisions. The main responsibility of HR officer is to ensure the availability of development and training opportunities to employees in order to improve their performance to achieve the objectives of the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Working closely with other departments, increasingly acting as a consultancy professional, and assisting the line managers in understanding and implementing procedures and policies.
  2. Promoting diversity and quality as part of organization’s culture.
  3. Liaising with a broad range of organizations including areas like race relations, gender, disability, religion, age, health and safety.
  4. Recruiting staff which includes creating and developing job descriptions, providing support in preparing advertisements, screening application forms, short-listing the candidates, interviewing and selecting them.
  5. Developing HR policies on issues like working conditions, equal opportunities, performance, management, absence management, and disciplinary procedures.
  6. Advising on pay including employee benefits and promotion and other issues on remuneration.
  7. Undertaking usual salary reviews, negotiating on issues regarding pay and conditions with staff and representatives.
  8. Administering payroll system and maintaining staff related records. Ensuring that department managers receive an accurate and timely assistance in response to particular queries related to HR policies or other aspects of employment legislation.
  9. Interpreting and notifying employees on employment legislation.
  10. Developing HR strategic plans with lime managers, in terms of skill and number levels in considerations with long-term and immediate staff requirements.
  11. Listening to grievances of employees and implementing appropriate disciplinary procedures.
  12. Planning and delivering training occasionally, including induction programs for new hires.
  13. Advising management on career development, work matters, industrial matters, and personal problems.
  14. Preparing advertisement and notices for vacant positions in the organization.

Skills and Specifications

  1. Good organizational, communication and interpersonal skills
  2. Ability to understand comprehensive information.
  3. Basic numeracy and IT skills required for operating various systems.
  4. Ability to interpret, analyze, and explain the official framework employment regulation.
  5. Integrity and friendly approachability.
  6. Good negotiating and influencing skills in implementing personnel policies.
  7. Ability to research, evaluate and analyze new recruitment techniques, methods, and procedures.
  8. Able to work alone on a broad variety of projects.

Education and Qualifications

Degree in business management, human resources management, psychology, or social administration from an accredited institution. Bachelor’s degree in human resources management or business related field. A master degree in personnel or human resources management.

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